There's no denying the healing power of honey, but this sweet treat has beauty benefits, too. For centuries, women have smoothed on this natural gem to hydrate skin, treat acne and reduce wrinkles. Queen Cleopatra was known for indulging in milk and honey baths -- one of the many secrets to her flawless complexion.

"Honey is rather glamorous... it's our liquid gold," says Gretta Monahan, founder of Grettacole salon and spa boutique. "There aren't many things we can pull out of the pantry and put into a bowl or handle with a scent, color and touch that is beautiful."

The style and beauty maven boasts using the simple and smart ingredient to perfect spa treatments including, a honey and jojoba oil body scrub and sweet honey and apple facial tonic.

"We want to be pampered, we want it to be effective and we want it to be natural," adds Monahan.

Brands like Burt's Bees, Caudalie and Fresh have gathered a loyal following for their honey-infused goodies, and beauty manufacturers are whipping up creations inspired by the natural humectant. From a sheer matte face bronzer to a rose tinted lip balm to a super-shine gel, click through the gallery below for 10 honey hair and beauty products to keep you bee-autiful!

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