Intern Diaries: Notes from the Fashion Underground is a new column that goes to the straight to the source of the fashion industry: the free labor. In this column, anonymous interns tell all about their bosses, coworkers and dramatic work environments. This week's intern is a female college student working at a PR company in New York City.


6:15 a.m. Alarm goes off. Even if you don't own a Blackberry, everyone knows that Antelope Alarm gets anyone up.
6:18 Body is up, but eyes aren't open yet.
6:20 First attempt to put my contacts in.
6:22 Second attempt. Only if I owned a pair of glasses that had CHANEL on it would they be acceptable.
6:28 Vision = 20 - 20. Time to get dressed for daily workout.
6:30 The Treadmill looks like the highway to hell.
7:25 "GTL" - Gym, Tired, Leaving.
7:28 Time to wash off the tomboy and put on fashionista.
7:50 Blowing drying hair longer than your shoulders becomes a pain. Debate shaving it off. Hey if Demi Moore can pull it off can't I?
8:00 COFFEE COFFEE. 2 cups down, 2 to go.
8:10 Sitting, staring at my clothes. Don't want to be a repeat offender. But I must pull a Kate Middleton- put on my go to Floral Dress by Cynthia Steffe, pair it with 4-inch Michael Kors wedges.
8:50 Walking to the subway, passing the most beautiful bankers I have ever seen. Should I go into investment banking? Nah... Investing in fashion so much better.
9:32 Amex Reports. They charged this much for what?
11:00 An event is happening at a high end venue, told to find a vendor to rent decorations from.
1:30 p.m. Getting up to eat finally when... "Can you run and get this up on 52nd street please"?
1:32 Hello HopStop.
1:40 Off to midtown in 90-degree heat in 4-inch heels.
2:15 In the office of one of the top nail polish companies in the nation. I think I'm wearing one of their colors on my toes.
2:30 Pick up 50 colors, plus 4 for own personal collection. I have heard in the fashion industry you do get a lot of freebies.
3:15 LUNCH at my desk. Hey at least its lunch.
4:00 I have to wear what tomorrow?
4:45 Only sizes 0, 2, 4.
5:10 Told to be at event venue at 9 am tomorrow with no chipped nails. Who is looking at my nails in this outfit.
6:30 Throwing in the towel.
7:15 Home sweet home.
9:00 My pillow is calling my name.


6:15 a.m. Wake up.
6:18 Vision.
6:30 Work out time.
7:20 GTL.
7:30 Shower, Hair, Make up.
7:50 Coffee cup number two. Coffee is my drug.
8:20 Looking at my dresses, when I remember I was told to wear something comfy with a fresh Mani.
8:25 Attempt to do my own nails.
8:30 Leggings, t-shirt, a pair of Nike running shoes. This is comfy!
9:40 Put my running shoes to work on the way to subway.
9:30 How many feet? "7, 000.. And we have to lay it down."
10:30 Called over to help unpack inventory. Thankful at the time, I soon start to smell like a soccer field.
10:32 Is this real life? I need to unpack 4,000 cups. And count them...
12:30 p.m. 2,565 down...
2:30 3,998 cups. Suppose to be 4,000, only 2 short!
2:45 Was told to find the two missing cups. Said I found them... what they don't know doesn't hurt.
4:00 Called out for my ugly nails.
4:15 Was told I have 30 minute break... run to Rite Aid to get nail polish, lunch was going to have to wait.
4:30 Doing my nails with fellow intern outside, when spotted: Camera Diaz and A-Rod.
4:32 Got in another work out by running after them.
4:45 Back to work, unpacking more inventory.
7:00 Given my outfit for the night.
7:20 Dressed for the night with other interns, if I told you what we wore, I might have to kill you.
7:25 Hey, at least we get paid.
8:00 Doors open- told I would be on my feet for 4-5 hours.
9:30 Someone complimented me on my outfit. Judging by her outfit I understood why she thought these hideous shorts were cute.
10:30 Regretting my 4 inch black heels, feeling the blisters.
11:00 Yes definitely have blisters.
11:05 My feet are going to fall off.
12:00 a.m. Event done, clean up time.
1:00 Pass out on the couch.

Day Three

6:15 a.m. Alarm goes off. Snooze.
7:15 I guess no work out for me today.
7:45 Top knot will have to do.
7:50 Chug a cup of coffee.
8:15 Realize it's Friday. In my office you're allowed to wear jeans, shocker right? I am feeling super trendy in my new boyfriend jeans, vintage Police T, nude blazer, turban headband, and my Stuart Weitzman 4.5 inch mules.
8:45 Remembering my blister, decide to put on flats for the walk over.
9:15 Sit on a bench a block away from the office. Shoe switch.
10:00 Told a client is coming in for a pitch and must remove any beverage that is not theirs from the office.
10:35 Asked if I would like to view an event venue.
11:00 Heading up town in a cab with my two bosses. Realized they are still human, even though they have impeccable style.
11:15 Arrive at the Empire Hotel, wondering if I'll meet Chuck Bass. (Let's admit gossip girl is a guilty pleasure).
11:40 Asked to help measure. Good thing I have 4-inches on me, no way would I have been able to reach the heights they asked.
12:00 p.m. Heading back to Soho, Cab drivers in Manhattan have a death wish.
12:15 Quick lunch- completely understand how people lose weight in this industry, all work no play.
12:45 Asked to help the only straight guy in my office unload some boxes.
2:00 That was annoying.
2:15 #sosickofeveryonetalkinginhashtags.
2:30 My office loves social media, I think I am ready to give in... follow me @****_***.
3:30 Asked to research centerpieces for our event next week.
3:45 Think I found the best thing ever, propose it to my boss, and shut down.
4:00 Second time... fingers crossed.
4:05 She approves- thankful to end my day.
4:30 Out early for Fridays, in desperate need for a drink. (Perhaps a watermelon picnic cocktail?)

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