Kate Moss and Jamie Hince on their honeymoon yacht bikini bathing suit

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince on their honeymoon. Photo: Lee Thompson/The Sun/Sipa

Celebrities: they are not like us.

When it comes to cooling off during the summertime months, us common folk settle for a town pool or a public beach. But when stars wish to sunbath and take a dip they do so in the most lavish of all ways -- on insanely large yachts.

The Cannes Film Festival may as well be the unofficial start of yachting season -- models, actors, athletes all flock to the South of France to take in the culture and relax on the decks of these massive boats. No longer reserved for prepsters in Sperry Top-Siders and rolled-up khakis, yachting is now ultra glamorous -- complete with revealing bikinis and expensive champagne.

We rounded up some of the most luxurious celebrity yachting photos. Prepare to be envious. And don't forget to check out the gallery of some of our jet-setting bloggers!