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M.I.A. has been known for making controversial political statements and it seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Her older sister Kali Arulpragasam is a Sri Lankan born, Central Saint Martin trained jewelry designer for the UK based brand Super Fertile. Her exquisite jewelry always carry a heavy message about the state of the world. Previous collections have been titled, "Mankind," "Endangered Species," and "Hunger," so it is no surprise that Arulpragasam's most recent collection is titled "Murder." Check out our exclusive interview below to find out Arulpragasam's inspiration behind the "Murder" collection, why she won't let Lady Gaga have pieces for free and what her musician sister M.I.A. thinks about her jewelry:

What inspired your "Murder" collection?
Being a Tamil Sri Lankan, I was affected by the civil war that went on for almost 30 years. At the end in 2009, I witnessed the government attempt to pretty much wipe out the Tamil Civilians through bombings rape, hunger, torture and murder. 50,000 to 70,000 people were killed. It was hell on earth and I couldn't believe that the press ignored it. People always say I must hand over my jewels to charity because I'm the only one I guess who addresses these global issues, but giving my proceeds to Human Rights Organization is such a minute solution to this very frightening problem.

This has been deemed your "most controversial" collection so far- do you think that is accurate?
I think it is the most controversial because it is reflecting violence around the world. As a collection it is raw and true and it shows what I personally saw. For me, "Murder" reflects the butchering and killings that are accepted by us in the name of wars. I think that throats being cut or heads being blown off is pretty scary, but this was an everyday occurrence for the victims of war around the world.

Who do you see wearing the collection?
Everyone who wants to support peace and remember the lives that were violently wasted around the world. I hope that the people who wear my jewelry are intelligent, brave, strong, stylish and opinionated people who are going to shape our society.

What jewelry do you personally wear on a daily basis?
I wear the long bullet wounds chains, I double them up. It's very versatile and goes with everything, the rings are also fun. Or the bullet wound brooch, which can be pinned anywhere I want to be appear to be shot.

What does M.I.A. think of the collection?
I tend to not give my jewels to celebrities, so she usually gets an invoice from me when she wants something. After I released the first images of "Murder" during the first week of June she tweeted it, so I know she approves. I'm experimenting with a new concept which is not to use celebrities to sell my work. I never use celebrities. I must be the only designer to turn down Lady Gaga. I don't even have a press agent. I'm approaching this as art, my jewelry is wearable art.

What are your future plans?
I'm doing a gallery event during London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Then I'm doing a solo exhibition at the RMA Institute in Bangkok that starts December 1st and goes until December 28th, 2011. Then I will start on the next collection!