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Vogue's August cover story mentions that Sarah Jessica Parker's relationship with Halston Heritage recently came to an end, without going into any detail on why -- and Halston never released a statement announcing the end of Parker's run as president (the Sex and the City star had joined the struggling label last year.)

As New York Magazine notes, "Parker had confessed, after she was hired as president of the lower-priced Halston Heritage line at the beginning of 2010, that she didn't really know what she was doing, had to learn a lot, and would always be an actress first and foremost. The woman who was helping her learn how to do the job, Bonnie Takhar, left the label before Parker had been on for a year."

Perhaps the brand will follow the trend toward hiring low-key talent with design savvy rather than trying to capitalize on celebrity wattage. Click here to see what other fashion houses have recently recruited lesser-known names to helm their lines.