We love Jane Lynch. She is hilarious as Sue Sylvester on "Glee," was the best part of "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and played my favorite character in the ensemble cast of "Best In Show." That being said, the six-foot-tall actress, who turned 51 today, is in desperate need of a makeover: she always wears the same designer on the red carpet (besides that time she wore a track suit) and is extremely casual in her daily life. We asked fashion editors, modeling agents, stylists, designers and bloggers to help choose a new look for Jane. Maybe she can pick up some couture with her birthday money?

AJ Mukamal's Choices: Celine, Jil Sander and Proenza Schouler.
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Andrew Mukamal, Stylist/Reality TV Star: "At 50, it's hard to argue that Jane Lynch isn't looking and feeling great. That being said her super safe red carpet style, consisting of primarily jewel tone classically shaped gowns, could use some freshening up! I'd love to see Jane on the red carpet in some more daring, fashion forward looks. Lynch would look both comfortable and stunning in some menswear inspired evening looks like the all-over floral Jil Sander AW11 Look 28 Shirt and Pant combo or Celine's AW11 Look30 All Over Baby Pink Shirt and Pant combo. I'd also love to see her on the red carpet in one of Proenza Schouler's colored velvet dresses layered over a cool long sleeve t-shirt, like AW11 Look33."

Brian Lichtenberg, Designer: "Whenever I see her wearing dresses I feel like it doesn't match her sporty vibe. Tom Ford, YSL or Armani suits would ift her well. Even an edgy leather jacketfrom Rick Owens with some dress pants would look great on her! Casually, a dress shirt and pants would look good." Brian Lichtenberg then proceeded to accurately quote four lines from "Best in Show"

Liza Darwin's Choices: Two looks by Raf Simons for Jil Sander.
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Liza Darwin, Writer at Nylon Magazine: "I like the way Jane Lynch doesn't take herself-or fashion-too seriously. She's not afraid to wear pretty much everything, whether it's a ruffled lilac Ali Rahimi gown at the 2011 Emmys or that black formal pantsuit-which may or may not have been inspired by Sue Sylvester. However, I don't think it has to be just one of the two extremes. I think it would be great to see her in sleeker dresses that are feminine, but not prissy. She would look incredible in Jil Sander's recent collections. Raf Simons has done an amazing job of finding a wearable middle ground; it's body-conscious dressing that's not overtly sexy. She can totally pull off the brand's minimalism. Casually, anything goes. I think she'd look awesome in tailored trousers, a white blouse and a Burberry trench."

Natalie Joos, Model Casting Agent and Blogger: "I love her, she's very funny but I mean her style is awful. She only seems to wear black dresses and button down shirts. On the red carpet I suggest Donna Karan. She has such a tall figure and would look great in a drapey, cream dress that shows off her shoulder. I am pro-dresses and I think as a woman for the red carpet you have to wear a dress. I think Jane would look great in cream, beige, brown or maybe like an army green. They would look good with her her skin tone and her hair. I wouldn't do any pinks or reds. No red tones just natural colors. For casual clothing I would suggest she sticks with button downs, but worn right with the right blazer and the right jacket. She wears jackets now with a standing collar, but a comfortable loose blazer and pants with a button down would be fine. Or a cream colored linen suit. A friend of mine just bought a vintage linen suit that is cream and kind of reminiscent of New Orleans. It would look great on Jane. I could see her wearing Theory. They have great jackets, or Helmut Lang (but not the crazy stuff). I don't think she should change her hair but I do like it when it is a little bit longer. I think the short hair suits her. She must take great care of her skin, she glows! She looks healthy. I think she looks good."

Catherine Kallon's Choices: Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors and Armani.
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Catherine Kallon, Blogger at Red Carpet Fashion Awards: "Jane Lynch has a great personality. I just wish her style was equal to that. She always appears to be very uncomfortable in gowns which is always disappointing. They are very prom-esqe and not particularly flattering. I would love to see her take the non-conformist approach to red carpet dressing like Tilda Swinton. Just because you are on a red carpet it doesn't mean you have to wear a puffy lilac gown. I would love to see her in a classic Armani pantsuit or a draped Donna Karan ensemble if she wanted something less fitted. Lanvin would be great as they produced muted unstated look. If she wanted more glamour you can't do better than Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors. I like the idea of Jane in chic separates. A simple blazer over a scoop-neck vest and wide pants would look great, as would a flattering dress with chic accessories. Jane is beautiful, I wouldn't change her make-up or beauty routine, but I would love to see her do something different with her hair. Just because she has short hair it doesn't mean she can't mix things up. She can got for something choppy with a messy-on-purpose finish or flicky ends with a smooth body."

Take a peek in our gallery below and let us know which fashionable advice Jane Lynch should take:

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