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photo courtesy of Style Network.

As part of E!'s "Fashion Police" squad, Giuliana Rancic has a certain reputation to uphold.

Which explains why the E! news anchor had to convene a hasty style intervention when husband Bill finally decided to make a permanent move from his dearly beloved Chicago to his other half's Los Angeles base.

Viewers will see the results of the fashion overhaul and the couple's one-city living arrangement on the new season of their domestically-themed Style Network reality show "Giuliana & Bill."

Rancic checked in with StyleList to chat about the show's fourth season, which premieres July 18. Of course, she also shared some of her red carpet critiques.

StyleList: So, how did you tweak Bill's wardrobe for Hollywood?
Giuliana Rancic:
First, I got him some aviators. Then, I had to tell him the spiky hair he favors was so four years ago. I got him to do a comb over like Cary Grant and wear some cool cargo pants, nice T-shirts and some Converse sneakers.

StyleList: How did he take it?
Poor Bill. He's always reluctant, but I think he'll say it's an improvement. He just looks more modern and hip.

StyleList: Was there an outfit in his closet you should have reported to the "Fashion Police"?
Oh, I don't let him leave the house in anything bad. But one time we were on our way to an interview and he came out wearing a black belt with brown shoes. I almost jumped out the window from embarrassment. That, to me, is fashion suicide. The shoes and the belt have to match. I see that on the red carpet and I'm all over it. So we got him some more belts!

StyleList: Do you have a stylist for "Giuliana & Bill" or are we witnessing your personal fashion reality?
There's a bit of a blur. Some days when we're filming I come home from work at E! and don't change so 40 percent of what you see is stylist by default.

This new season starts with me looking for a new stylist. Jose, my stylist who has been with me for years, has gotten really busy with other projects so I try out a couple of new people. That search is an ongoing process. We've posted some of pictures of looks they've chosen for me on line to see what viewers like better. It's a big decision. We're still in the process of choosing.

StyleList: For someone in your position, what's a deal breaker with a stylist?
If someone thinks dressing me involves just popping on a cute little Shoshanna dress and calling it a day. That cute dress is part of it, but I need things to be a little more interesting than that dress alone. Accessories are key. I don't want just a great pair of black Brian Atwood pumps with that cute dress. It's a great look, but too predictable for me. The look has got to be interesting from head-to-toe.

StyleList: Speaking of your look, your ombré hair color has become a signature.
(Laughs) You know, it went from being fashionable to complete and utter laziness. I hate going to get my highlights done. It saves me time and money to wear it this way. I only go to the salon half the time I used to. But now I'm like crap, this is going to go out of style and I love it. So for fall, I may have to change it up. I'll probably go dark, like my roots, which people are used to seeing anyway!

E! Fashion Police Giuliana Rancic pink dress

photo courtesy of Style Network

StyleList: Let's talk "Fashion Police." Who's the last person who made you cringe on the red carpet?
Emma Watson on the "Harry Potter" red carpet here in the states was way,way too much. The makeup alone was too heavy. The (Bottega Venata) dress was too heavy. Here you have this beautiful girl with an adorable pixie who is so young and fresh and someone goes and tries to cover up all that natural beauty.

StyleList: Which celebrity are you loving on the red carpet?
Jennifer Lopez is looking great. I was tuning into "American Idol" this year just to see what she was wearing. Here's a woman who is 40-years-old, she's got twins and she can rock blue eye shadow without looking desperate. Wherever she shows up for an event, she's hitting it out of the fashion park.

StyleList: And in the worst dressed department....?
Courtney Love. Sadly, there isn't a week she doesn't seem to end up on our worst dressed list. Remember when she had that style transformation years back and she was looking really amazing? That needs to happen for her again. And the thing is with Courtney, she's shown she's has an eye for good pieces. She just needs some help on putting it together again.

StyleList: You've explored some deeply personal and relatable issues in your marriage on "Giuliana & Bill." Where do you take the viewers this season?
Last season we were really open about our struggle with infertility. This season is about what Bill dubbed the "year of fun." We focused on doing things we might not have had the opportunity to do if we had that baby. I took my first two week vacation since 2001 and we went to Italy. What a difference two weeks makes instead of one. I immersed myself in my family and culture. We just had the best time ever.

Meanwhile, Rancic once went foundation-free on the red carpet, and her skin looked great! Would you ever dare to bare?