Courtesy of Pat McGrath/Twitter

CoverGirl Launches New Collaboration
Makeup artist Pat McGrath and model Jessica Stam are teaming up with CoverGirl to create a series of how-to makeup videos that will be released in the weeks leading up to New York Fashion Week. CoverGirl hinted that videos may be just the beginning of this team - the brand tweeted to "stay tuned for more news" over the weekend. - Via Twitter

Kate Spade Launches Lipstick Line
Maybe they can have it all - Kate Spade launched a pretty perfect bag collection this month, and now it's launching a lipstick line. Hilariously called Supercalifragilipstick - how has no one thought of that before? - the line is intended to provide long-lasting color with a sheer look. Lipsticks retail for $24 each. - Via WWD

Woman's Gray Hair Costs Her Job
It's one thing to have to look posh when you work at Harrods - but now real estate, too? Real estate escrow service Capital Title of Texas asked one of its branch managers to dye her gray hair so as to mesh better with its youthful image. When the employee refused, she was consequently fired and replaced with a woman ten years her junior - but company CEO Bill Shaddock refuted the claim, insisting that the firing resulted from a client complaint. - Via Fashion Etc.

Justin Bieber Fragrance Big Success
Color us shocked. Bieber's popularity has reached beyond his hit albums and 3-D spectacular, skyrocketing his Someday perfume to the position of biggest celebrity fragrance launch in Macy's history. "It means a lot to me that my fans are there to support," Bieber wrote in an email to USA Today. Probably because you're so good-looking, right Biebs? - Via USAToday