Jon Furniss/WireImage, Jesse Grant/WireImage

Did you think you were seeing Kim Kardashian in Old Navy's latest commercial? You are not alone. The brunette beauty isn't the lost Kardashian sister but actually a singer/actress named Melissa Molinaro. Molinaro is the front-woman of previously unknown pop group "The Audio Threadz," who Old Navy hired to perform in a recent ad.

While Molinaro might be enjoying this new found attention (hey, if the "singing" and "acting" career don't work out, she can always try being a professional impersonator) le Kardashian isn't too happy. People Magazine reported that the reality TV star is suing suing Old Navy over her strong resemblance to Melissa Molinaro for $15-20. Gap Inc., who owns Old Navy says, "Since we have not seen this lawsuit, we have no comment."

We have one tip for Molinaro: take advantage of this opportunity and try to get a show on E immediately. "Keeping up with the Kardashian Klones" has a nice ring to it.

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