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Photos courtesy of Advanced Style

They're talented, captivating, and some of the most fashionable women in America...and not a single one is younger than 70! Meet the women of Advanced Style.

Much like the Sartorialist and Street Peeper, Advanced Style is a street-style blog that showcases impeccably dressed individuals. The catch? Nearly all of the subjects are in their 70s or 80s. Photographer Ari Seth Cohen -- who started the website after his grandmother passed away -- dispels the stigma surrounding aging, and he's definitely succeeding. People are beginning to notice that, hey, things aren't so bad after you turn 60. Just ask birthday girl Helen Mirren.

In an industry that thrives on youth and excess, it is refreshing to see fabulous seniors who still take pride in their image, and exude the same elegance and self-confidence that so many Hollywood starlets try to recreate. You can't help but smile when you see a photograph of 82-year-old designer Miyano Haraki, surrounded by her hat designs, or Ruth, a 100-year-old who makes time for Pilates every morning. There's even a section called: "I'm Proud to be ___ Years Old."

Up next for Advanced Style? Cohen has a project with PowerHouse Books about his stylish subjects in the works for spring 2012, a hush-hush Fashion Week collaboration, and another video with Lina Plioplyte. To celebrate the fabulous silver-haired set, check out the gallery of Ari's Girls (as they're fondly referred to). As Ari says, these women are proof that personal style advances with age. We couldn't agree more: click through the gallery below to see their summer style advice.