From left: Chris Vick, vocals/guitar; Kimi Recor, vocals/guitar; Alex Possell, percussion. Charlene Bagcal Photography | Photos courtesy of + > -

We haven't been this excited about a musical group in a while. Maybe it's because photos from their gigs take us back to the heyday of '70s LA bands, or that they refer to their music as "tropical goth."Either way, Black Flamingo is unlike any other band we're listening to right now. Once you hear "Black Heart," you'll get it. Trust us.

From left: Poul Johansen, percussion; Ammo, vocals/bass; Mareesa Sterz, vocals/keyboard. Charlene Bagcal Photography | Photos courtesy of + > -

And it doesn't stop with the music. Vocalist Kimi Recor, and guitarist Christopher L. Vick launched the blog-collective/clothing line, + > - in January 2011. From collaborations with Etsy, to news on cool, Urban-Outfitters pop-up stores, Black Flamingo is part of the new wave of blogger-musicians to watch.

Get to know the band, below.

Chris Vick, vocals/guitar: The juggernaut has acted in Sean Penn's film, Milk.

Kimi Recor
, vocals/guitar: An "avid cupcake maker" who also devours fairytale stories.

Alex Possell, percussion: Like Kimi, Alex has a penchant for "late-night donut runs."

Poul Johansen, percussion: The "creative ninja" is also an illustrator and video artist.

Ammo, vocals/bass: The photographer loves the L.A. underground music scene.

Mareesa Sterz, vocals/keyboard: Not raised by wolves, but rather Siegfried & Roy (and crazy Germans).

And head over to + > - to learn about a new film project that Kimi can't stop talking about.