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Lady Gaga Takes Rogaine?
Apparently, you can't dye your hair every color under the sun and keep it, too. Lady Gaga revealed in May that she has begun to lose her hair as a result of the constant bleaching, and now it would appear that the 25-year-old is doing something about it: taking Rogaine. The singer reportedly went "ballistic" when she discovered the hair loss during the Monster Ball tour. We take it this is a wig then? - Via OK! Magazine

Madonna Rips off Butter London
We were all aflutter when we heard that Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes, were launching a beauty line of their Material Girl collection, but now that it's here, we're a little dismayed. The collection of nail polishes is entirely identical - from polish colors to bottle styles - to Butter London's line. Come on, Madonna - we know you're after the "cold hard cash" and all, but this is pushing it. - Via Fashionista

Katy Perry's Smurfed-Out Nails
The word "half-baked" is not in Katy Perry's vocabulary. For the opening of her movie "The Smurfs," the singer not only donned full Smurf garb, but did the same to her nails, too. No stranger to the wacky ways of nail art, Perry painted the Smurfs onto a silver glittery background and captioned the photo "Smurf nails! Duh!" - Via Twitter

Magnetic Beauty
Nail art is all the rage right now, and British nail brand Nails Inc. knows it. The company has just released a polish that contains iron and comes with a magnet. After applying the polish, you can hold the magnet over your nail to make the polish ripple, not unlike the recently popular crackle effect. The polish will be available in October, but LCN is offering a similar version now. - Via Fashionista

Ben Affleck Makes Colossal Mistake
Oh good - it would appear that the classically handsome Ben Affleck has contracted Bieber Fever. The actor has grown his usually carefully-trimmed hair into a longer look, complete with bangs reminiscent of the teen sensation's windswept locks, as well as a distinct lack of shape or grooming. The look is reportedly for his upcoming role in the film Argo, but the actor wants to try to incorporate the style into his daily life before shooting even begins. We can't say that this is going to do any favors for the film's publicity. - Via People Style Watch