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This week, it was announced that Alexander McQueen left his three pooches a combined $81,000 in his will. McQueen's love for his dogs is well documented. Former WSJ Editor-in-Chief Tina Gaudoin recalled the first time she met Alexander McQueen: "he halted the first interview I ever did with him in the mid '90s to eat his breakfast: 'd'you mind, me and my dog are starving?' he said as he unwrapped a Big Mac, tearing it neatly in half and feeding the dog first."

In a 2009 interview with Arena Homme magazine, McQueen confessed: "My dogs are the only thing in the world I really trust. They're loyal and their love is unconditional. There's an honesty between me and my dogs. If I do anything bad, they're like: 'Here he goes-he's a freak.'" Although they might have thought he was a freak, there was no one McQueen would rather spend time with than his pups: in his last interview with online boutique Matches, McQueen confessed that he is, "Happiest when I'm just at home with my dogs."

His dedication was evident in his home in London: Bridget Foley of W magazine described his Mayfair residence, which was close to St. James Park and Buckingham Palace as "perfect for his beloved trio of dogs-an English bulldog, a Rhodesian ridgeback and a Mongol." According to the Times of London, McQueen slept underneath a portrait of himself with Minter (named after writer Alex Minter), Juice and Callum, "as though all four beings are inseparable." Aw.

In related news, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that it will stay open until midnight on the final two days of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition.