Scottish designer Louise Gray has wowed us year after year at London Fashion Week with her fun, innovative clothing designs. Now, the designer, known for bright patterns and feminine dresses, is branching out into jewelry. Her first collection, made in collaboration with ASOS, is well timed. Gray has always loved jewelry and right now, wears lots of it. In addition to wearing her wedding band on a daily basis, she also piles on, "up to 20 bangles and plenty of necklaces" admitting that last week, she "wore at least 4 necklaces everyday." Just one of those was a piece from her new collection, a luxe, gold-plated french fry necklace that retails for a whopping $285. When we saw this we just had to find out more about Gray's self confessed love of "fries, and coke and all things pop."

While her last meal would include, "Probably a pizza, or a fact both since its the end!" Gray still has an appreciation for finer food- her favorite local spot is called A Little of What You Fancy in London, "it has a really good breakfast." We also learned that her favorite fast food chain is McDonalds, where " I always get their Quarter Pounder meal." But that Gray can also be found at other joints, "I also like to eat at Burger King or diners... I love fast food!" Yum, healthy.

Check out Louise Gray's full collection for ASOS here:

For more fast food fashion, check out the gallery below: