Top row: Getty Images
Bottom row: Repetto flats, Hermes Scarf, Michael Kors Resort 2011, Jackie Kennedy's dress courtesy of Getty Images, Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson handbag, Tom Ford "Callae" Sunglasses.

When asked who their style icon is, who wouldn't respond, "Jackie O, of course!" To celebrate what would have been the former first lady's 82nd birthday, we decided to look at how her iconic style is still present today. Rachel Weisz and Katie Holmes, who have both played Jackie, show how easily her fashion sense translates to the present (chic flats, a ladylike handbag and an Hermes scarf are all you need) while Michael Kors updated her feminine style with his resort collection called, "Jackie goes Surfing." Everyone seems to have cited Jackie as their inspiration, which we completely support (as long as you don't call Blake Lively the next Jackie O, yes, we're looking at you "Gossip Girl" costume designer Eric Daman).