Rachel Zoe may in fact be the most over-the-top new mom. Not only does she dress baby Skyler in a leather Gucci jacket and carry his diapers in his own Louis Vuitton bag, the celebrity stylist and reality TV star has just announced that she will be designing a clothing line for kids. We sat down with Rachel to find out more about the line, which she claims will be, "a combination of CrewCuts and Gucci Kids" with a definite "European aesthetic, because I've always loved the French baby thing." Apparently Rodger is not a fan of Skyler wearing breton stripes and berets, "My husband thinks that when I put him [Skyler] in French baby clothes he looks like a girl." Uh oh. As for the price? " I think it would be a combination of the American cool with the European chic. But still very attainable. I mean I don't think we should spending... I mean listen, Skyler's closet is a bit ridiculous right now."

So we shouldn't expect diamond encrusted bibs?