Photos courtesy of Indian Summer Vintage | Time & Life Photography.

In the world of vintage treasure hunting, words like "unique" and "special" are thrown around like confetti. But, in the case of Indian Summer Vintage--a blog dedicated to "beautiful old things to pull on your heart strings"--there really is no better way to describe the old school goods than wholly unparalleled. From dogeared photographs of Elvis Presley hanging out in the barracks, to a Dust Bowl-era denim apron, ISV is brimming with pieces one wouldn't stumble across during the average flea market/thrift store romp.

Dana Gluck, the Brooklyn lady behind ISV--and aficionado of all things 1930's--gave us an exclusive peek at her most coveted vintage accessories. Retro lovers, get your fix, and browse through our gallery of goods fit for everyone from Jay Gatsby to Annie Hall.