Courtesy of Love Magazine

Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Moretz appear on three of Love Magazine's eight covers for their upcoming issue. The new generation of "it-girls," Elle, Hailee and Chloe aren't just talented actresses, the three teens have already made names for themselves as serious fashionistas- Hailee was handpicked by Miuccia Prada as the face of Miu Miu, Elle appears in the current ads for Marc by Marc Jacobs and while Chloe hasn't landed her own campaign, it is only a matter of time as the three girls rock designer duds on the daily.

In the upcoming issue of Katie Grand's biannual fashion magazine, Love, Elle says, "I live for fashion. I know all the collections by heart. I know all the models' names. I live for When I see someone wearing something I'm like, "Spring/summer 2007?" I recognize it straight away.'

Admitting that she tries to channel Alexa Chung's style, "I think we have similar taste. She is my fashion icon. I love that four-year-old look she wears. I like high-waisted trousers. I'm working quite a Virgin Suicides look at the moment. She does that. I like the way she'll mix a dress and men's shoes, because I live in men's shoes. I'll wear Docs or brogues with a really nice dress. So when she came over and said she wanted her photo taken with me? I was like, wow.' ?

Like any teenager, Elle admits "I could shop 24 hours a day.'' So where does she find her pieces "Of course I'll go to Topshop. But I'm looking for vintage pieces." Now the real question is: what is vintage for someone born in 1998?

Take a peek in our gallery below for all eight covers: