Photo: Oscar de la Renta

A group of very lucky editors (myself included) were invited out to Oscar de la Renta's sprawling estate in Connecticut last week to meet with the designer, discuss the fragrance he's launching this fall and take a personal tour around his expansive gardens. As you can imagine, it was beyond. All of it. From the lunch prepared with heirloom tomatoes and asparagus grown in his own garden to the perfectly manicured hedge mazes to the scent itself -- a green floral blend of muguet, bergamot, ginger orchid, orange flower and sandalwood.

Before I actually smelled the fragrance, I quickly envisioned the type of woman who would wear it: A lady, and a glamorous one, the ODLR dress-wearing type. SJP-esque. In general, someone WAY fancier than me. With the first spritz, my assumptions were right: It was strong and sophisticated. But by the afternoon, the scent had transformed into something incredibly wearable and slightly musky, in an intriguing, subtle way. Like really pretty skin. I know, I know, this phrase gets thrown around a lot in the fragrance world, but here, in this case, I truly mean it.

The name of the scent, called Live In Love, was actually inspired by someone de la Renta's been working with closely for many years. The designer revealed that at one point during the development of his fragrance, he caught sight of a tattoo on the man who's been making his dress samples in New York for the past two decades: Live In Love was inked on his right arm. He knew immediately what he would call his forthcoming fragrance.

Live In Love will be available this October.

Oscar de la Renta's gardens in Connecticut