Photos courtesy of Sammy Davis Vintage

Sure, we love to see celebs like Courtney Love soar (and stumble) with their fashion choices over the years, but it's just as much fun to check out how fashion bloggers have come into their own. Let's face it: not everyone steps out of the womb Sartorialist-ready.

Sammy Davis--of Sammy Davis Vintage--may be a vintage/thrift buff, and now know how to pull off tricky looks like floral palazzo pants, but there was a time when even she fell victim to Pepto-Bismol pink and leopard-print tights. Whatever her outfit choices, Sammy D has had a penchant for vintage since her early years.

Check out our gallery of the blogger's style evolution, below. Bust out your denim miniskirt, crank up some N'SYNC, and get ready to take a trip back to late '90s/early '00s fashion with Sammy D. (Prom pictures included!)