Lourdes Leon. Photo: Material Girl Collection Blog

When your mom is Madonna, you're sure to not only inherit good looks but great beauty tricks. And 14-year-old Lourdes "Lola" Leon is quite the makeup maven.

With her raven strands pulled back into a playful ponytail, thick brows perfectly arched, lips dressed in bold red and fingernails painted in a shimmering shade, Lourdes strolled into the Material Girl Beauty launch event and had this beauty editor reconsidering her makeup application routine.

Yet, it all seem to come natural as she revealed that working alongside her mother on the new beauty line, she wanted to get it right down to the body mist notes.

"There were like 100 million samples and some made me want to vomit, but the ones my mom and I thought were the best, I think are nice and women would wear," Lourdes told StyleList. "I'm wearing the Viva Vanilla Lotion and Body Spray...it smells really yummy."

The tween collection embodies that youthful spirit with candy-scented products poured into brightly colored bottles emblazoned with floral print and lace reminiscent of the fingerless gloves Madonna wore in the '80s.

The nail polishes weren't anything like the tacky, watery lacquers I played with as a child -- these went on smoother, thicker and brighter. Lourdes flashed a shiny metallic color named Labryinth that she advised comes out like silver with a second coat. Guilty Conscience, a muddy greige, is another one she "really likes."

While fall's new Smoky & Sexy Eye Palette (smoldering purple, gray and black shadows) is a favorite, Lourdes decided to switch things up and opt for the Soft & Pretty (eye-opening shades of gold, tan and pink) this summer.

"I put the Sandstorm in the crease of my eye, Pink in the middle and Golden Shimmer underneath my eyebrow," she said.

Clearly she's mastered eye makeup, but we had to know the secret behind her saucy pout.

"It's MAC...Russian Red," Lourdes told StyleList.

And you'd be surprised to learn the women (besides her mom), she looks to for beauty inspiration.

"I always thinks Christina Hendricks looks very well made up. Mila Kunis, too," she said. "Kim Kardashian wears an insane amount of makeup but I think she looks great."

We couldn't agree more.

Material Girl beauty products ($7-$12) will be available this August at Macy's and macys.com. Look out for additional items including the eye palettes to hit stores mid-September.

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