Designer Olivier Green's winning design. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

Fifteen "Project Runway" designers are summoned to a pet supply warehouse store and told to think outside the litter box. Sit fashion fans, sit: It's season 9's unconventional materials week.

The Challenge: Unleash their creativity in a New York City Petland Discounts store to source materials for a fashion garment that has the finicky judges purring with praise.

The Making-it-Workroom Drama: The designers need some obedience training. Mentor Tim Gunn has advised them to avoid using expected materials, but it looks like everyone has stocked up on those fabric-like pup-training "wee wee pads." Must be creatures of habit.

Diva designer Laura Kathleen reveals that she was born rich and "has been shopping at Neiman's since childhood" and "can't put any crap out there." So, she fashions a mini from the see-through cones pooches wear on their heads after surgery so they won't pick at their wounds. Her poodle skirt exposes her model's butt cheeks. No comment.

Bert Keeter, who had us ready to Tweet him all our fan favorite votes after his episode one win, disappoints by abusing his immunity status and letting his work habits, well, go to the dogs.

The Guest Judge: Is Alice + Olivia founder Stacey Bendet. Bendet's a completely engaged jurist, but we're a little disappointed the regular panel didn't bring their personal pets to Parsons for guidance. Imagine what a Michael Kors' pet Toucan would have had to say about Anthony Ryan Auld's birdseed dress.

The Babes in Petland Runway Show: Features a menagerie of models strutting in a doggie Depends dresses; belts made from a cat-scratch posts, a birdseed bedazzled mini, a psychedelic aquarium rocks halter and something black Bert Keeter made from pattern muslin.

The contestants outside Petland getting instructions to unleash their creativity from mentor Tim Gunn. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

Who's In: In a judges' debate eerily reminiscent of the ugly season 8 finale Gretchen-versus-Mondo stand-off, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors veto Heidi Klum and give the win to Olivier Green. His ombre take on doggie bedding and hamster cage filling is sublime, but Klum likes Auld's inventive for-the-birds minidress better and lets him know she was "overruled." This time, we're not on Team Heidi.

Who's Out: The judges have no puppy love for seemingly sweet Joshua Christensen. The 29-year-old Washington state designer was so hyper-focused on last week's criticism about his garment's awful fit he fussed over his model, but brought little design imagination to his garment. His dress, fashioned from a canine-patterned umbrella fabric, is deemed too conventional for the unconventional materials challenge. After two consecutive appearances in the bottom three, he gets the dreaded 'auf and a bear hug from Gunn.

Stay Tuned: Next week Vera Wang-loving Kim Karsdashian takes her turn as guest judge and inflicts her bridezilla-to-be temperament on the contestants during the dreaded team challenge.

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The episode 2 judges. From Left: Stacey Bendet, founder of Alice + Olivia joins regular panelists; Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum. Photo courtesy of Lifetime.