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You probably recognize Waris Ahluwalia from his appearances in cult indie films like "The Darjeeling Limited" and "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", but the talented actor isn't just a fixture in the film industry, he also designs precious jewelry for his line, House of Waris.

In between acting roles, selling tea and making scarves, Waris Ahluwalia crafts luxuriously intricate pieces that trend-setters like Chloë Sevigny and Solange Knowles adore. Lately Rihanna -- a star with an unpredictable sense of style -- was spotted on multiple occasions wearing a Plumage Pendant Necklace designed by Waris Ahluwalia.

We caught up with the dapper designer and asked him about his Fashion Week plans, Riri's brand loyalty and his BFF, director Wes Anderson.

StyleList: What was your reference point for the most recent collection?
Waris Ahluwalia: My inspiration is always love and history. Just so we're clear, I claim to understand neither of those. How this manifests itself in the collection, whether jewelry or scarves, is always exciting for me.

StyleList: What did you think when you first saw Rihanna in one of your designs?
WA: I was honored. It's an incredible feeling when an artist whose work you like also likes your work. The jewelry on its own is just an object of beauty -- it's only when it's worn does it come alive.

StyleList: What do you have in store for Fashion Week?
WA: I'll be showing some new jewelry and my second collection of scarves at the Circa Accessories Salon at Lincoln Center. I'm also doing a presentation for a new collaboration. I think it might be too soon to reveal. However, I can say this -- it will be one of my favorite collaborations.

StyleList: Are there projects with Wes Anderson in the near future?
WA: Just dinner I think.

StyleList: Do you have any plans for the end of summer?
WA: Secret tropical escapes.

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Rihanna in House of Waris. Photo(s): Fame Pictures (3) | FlyNet