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French handbag manufacturer Goyard has made headlines recently for its book release. Why, you might ask? It's easy: the book costs $7,000. The book - which is dedicated to celebrating the 1920s as the golden age of luxury travel - is limited edition, with only 233 copies in print. Each bears a number to signify its rarity and comes in a customizable Goyard trunk (packaging well worth the price.).

Maison E. Goyard was established in 1853 by François Goyard strictly as a luggage manufacturer. In the early 1900s, Goyard opened up the line to include a department designated for dogs, cats and monkeys (designers' love for their pets goes way back, it seems). Roughly a century later, the company was purchased by the Signoles family and launched a line of brand-new colors.

Now, Goyard handbags start at a thousand dollars and only go up in price from there. Given celebrities' penchant for anything wildly out of a normal price range, it comes as no surprise that the bags has been spotted on the arms of dozens of stars, from Kanye West to Hilary Duff.

To see some of the most popular designs, check out our gallery of celebs flaunting their Goyards: