The comfort and convenience of a good pair of flip-flops may be hard to put a price tag on, but we usually expect to pay roughly $20 for the summer staple. However, Chipkos is offering this colorful pair, hand-painted by L.A. artist David Palmer, for $18,000 -- far more than even the average Christian Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks.

But there's a worthy cause associated with the high cost: For every pair sold, Chipkos will protect 100,000 square feet of rainforest land. The purchase also comes with a meet-and-greet with Palmer himself. For those not familiar with his work, includes the following observation from art critic Peter Frank:

"Like Rosenquist, Lichtenstein and others over the past half-century who have painted the visual racket of a consumer society, Palmer manifests not so much a love-hate relationship with the modern condition of image assault as an awe at its immensity and the thoroughness of its presence in our consciousness."

The good news for those of us who can't afford such an expense: You can still support the philanthropic initiative in a smaller way -- buy this $58 pair, and Chipkos will preserve 100 square feet of land.