frieda and nellie friendship bracelets summer camp

Photo courtesy of Frieda and Nellie

Summer camp dressing is the antithesis of style -- Color War T-Shirts, unflattering denim overalls and hiking socks typically fill the cubbies of eager campers -- but one trend we're ready to revive is the friendship bracelet. No longer reserved for 14 years old BFFs, this tradition is an easy way to add a playful spin to your adult wardrobe. Pair your bright and braided jewelry with a menswear-inspired watch or sophisticated bangles. Lately, designers and DIY-enthusiasts have been incorporating rhinestone gems to give the playful jewelry a touch of glam.

Peruse the gallery below and see some seriously stylish gals pull off the pre-teen fad:

And if you're interested in creating your own friendship bracelets, don't miss out on this nifty How To.