Fans of Twin Sister's ethereal, lo-fi indie pop can look forward to the band's full-length debut, In Heaven, out next month. In the meantime, we asked frontwoman Andrea Estella, also known for her quirky street style, to name her fashion and beauty essentials.

1. Charm bracelets: I like to collect these from thrift stores, antique stores and garage sales. I try finding things that are brassy or gold --small sea creatures or pretty stones. I add the charms myself and I find it really hard to attach them since they can be so small! It's all worth it: I love hearing myself jingle. I wonder if my jingling gets on anybody's nerves...

2. Giant shoes: I like importing shoes from Japan, Korea and China. I'm waiting for these really cute white platforms that have little angel wings around the ankles. I also like Jeffrey Campbell, like many girls do. They make me feel tall and they are a lot more comfortable than regular skinny high heels. They feel more like boots. I like to practice walking in them around the house.

3. Korean circle lenses: I'm finding myself not able to go out without my Big DM23 Brown or Dolly Black circle contact lenses! They enlarge your eyes and give you this cute watery eye effect. They are great for live performances and photo shoots. They really make your eyes huge! I love making myself look like an anime character or Magical Angel Creamy Mami. My favorite part is that they are clear in the center so they still use your natural color.

4. White/nude lacy bra: I like simple lace, something pretty. I wear a lot of sheer and see-through materials. It's nice to have a bra that is just a part of the outfit.

5. Shiny Silver Shampoo and Conditioner for Blondes: This is something I make very sure I pack with me where ever I go. It is a dark purple shampoo and conditioner that keeps your blonde hair from getting orange or too yellow. The sun, non-blonde hair products and chemicals from a pool can change the way your blonde hair looks. I like keeping my hair ashy and white.