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Courtesy images: Dior | Super G Harajuku Lovers Fragrance

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Natalie Portman Models for Dior
As per usual, Natalie Portman looks flawless in Dior's newly released images for its ad campaign, Diorskin Forever. The ad comes as a surprise, however, since Portman announced she would not be affiliated with Dior designer John Galliano in any way after he was videotaped making anti-Semitic remarks. How will the actress explain herself now? - Via HuffPost Style

Gwen Stefani's Releases New Fragrance
Super G Harajuku Lovers Fragrance, Gwen Stefani's adorable new scent, is currently on sale. With notes of pineapple, tangerine and banana nectar, the perfume smells as sweet as it looks. The fragrance retails for $45. Honestly, we'd pay that just for the doll on the bottle. - Via Racked

Sedu to Sell $700 Blow-Dryer
Is dry hair really worth almost a month's rent? The Icon-Privé dryer weighs 1.05 pounds and delivers up to 21,000 RPMs (in layman's terms, it'll dry your hair really fast). Calling itself the most technologically advanced dryer in the world, it has 18 different temperature speeds, an ionic off/on switch and a transformer that uses 70 percent less energy than other dryers. This machinery makes letting our hair air-dry look like the stuff of medieval times. - Via WWD

Tanning Beds and Drugs Have Similar Effect, Study Finds
This explains so much. A new study from UT Southwestern Medical Center found that the brain activity of people who frequently use tanning beds is very similar to that of drug addicts. Further emphasizing the comparison, tanning can become a compulsive activity due to neurological triggers. Maybe it's time to rethink that gym-tan-laundry lifestyle, Jersey Shore? - Via Fashion Etc.

Dolce & Gabbana Add to Beauty Line
After launching a successful makeup collection this past spring, Dolce and Gabbana has announced its plans to add a foundation and lipstick-gloss to its beauty line this September. The Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation will be available in 15 different shades and will retail for $55, while the Passion Duo Gloss Fusion lipstick will be available in 20 and retail for $34. Quality is important, Domenico Dolce told WWD, but the packaging is equally so. That from a fashion designer? We're shocked. - Via Racked