Newspaper Inspired Nail Art

Newspaper-inspired nail art. Photos: New York Times Style Section,; OPI Samoan Sand Nail Polish; NARS Top Coat; Absolut Vodka; Kelsey of Quiet Time newspaper inspired nail art.

Warning: Not only is this newspaper-inspired nail art super cool, but it can potentially lead to getting tipsy.

Kelsey of the Tumblr Quiet Time accepted the challenge to up her manicure skills with a written word design that has been popping up on many of our favorite beauty sites like Refinery29 and Dolce Vanity. And we love the creative idea of using the local paper than reading the most recent piece of breaking news.

The blogger perfected this print in just a few steps. First, she applied a neutral nail color like OPI Samoan Sand and allowed to dry. Then she dipped each fingernail into alcohol -- we'd recommend using vodka for better results. Press a large strip of newspaper onto the top of each soaked nail. Remove slowly and finish with a glossy top coat to seal.

What do you think about this DIY nail art?

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