School uniforms were the bain of every fashion-loving girl's existence back in middle and high school. Itchy plaid skirts, navy or khaki pants and plain white button downs can be such limiting ensembles, leaving little to no room for one's personal style to shine day-to-day. But as the summer's winding down and we're getting nostalgic for those back-to-school shopping trips, we're starting to look at those plain jane uniforms in a whole new light.

In fact, we've noticed that some of the biggest players in fashion favor that neutral, uniform look when it comes to dressing up for their everyday (and incredibly busy) lives. Is the straight-edge rule of dressing making a comeback amongst trend-setting adults? Here's a list of the top ten most fashionable uniforms worn in the industry today.

1. Vera Wang - all black, everything (some gray)
2. Donna Karan - all black, everything
3. Alber Albaz - suit, bow tie, glasses
4. Michael Kors - jeans, black tee, black sport coat
5. Karl Lagerfeld - black jeans, white collar shirt, black blazer, Ray Bans, black gloves
6. Tonne Goodman - Black button down/turtleneck with white pants
7. Emannuelle Alt - Jeans, tee, leather jacket (usually Balmain)
8. Carolina Herrera - crisp white button down, full skirt