Today, our Guest Beauty Blogger is The Muse from Musings of a Muse -- an addictive beauty blog that centers around product reviews, with an honest opinion, real product photos and a unique and original spin on makeup. Here, The Muse reviews Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss.

Naked men on my gloss? OK, OK you had me at naked.

But all the hoopla and nekkid men (look closely at the packaging ...) that currently surround Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss has the potential to take away from a really great gloss. Yes, yes I know you crazy girls are just interested in the men -- and the underwear that go along with the ride -- but seriously, it's the gloss that's the real star of this show.

I told my readers a little something about Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss last week and it was mixed emotions about whether we loved the packaging or we just thought it was strange and slightly perverse. The Muse embraces all that is perverse and deems the Pocket Rocket a must have lip gloss for Spring. At the very least you can whip it out and tell your friends, "I'm wearing Kirk (or Jesse or Timothy, or James ...) on my lips today!" Whoa, that sounded bad, right?
Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss
gets the award for great packaging. These uber slim glosses pack a whopping 0.27 oz of gloss for $18 USD. Ya know a MAC Lipglass is only 0.17 oz! Lots of pretty gloss and naked men ... what more could a girl want?

Not only is the packaging slim but it's also a nice substantial size gloss that fits comfortably in your hand. And blessed be, it comes with a brush applicator that doesn't split! The brush applicator is small enough to fit snugly back into the tube and doesn't cause any splits or breaks in the brush because of it's small, neat design. I'm in heaven.

I heart brush applicators -- their better for gooping on tons and tons of gloss. I'm pretty properly chuffed with the formula on these guys. It has nice long wear with just the right amount of tack and stickiness so that it's not uncomfortable on the lips. The formula is comparable to a watered down version of MAC Lipglass, which is fab, as it lacks the tacky feeling of a lipglass and feels way more natural on the lips.

Colors have been described as sheer from a few of my kind readers, but I thought they had a nice bit of pigment to make lips look full and pretty. I was quite pleased with the overall pigmentation of the product, it's not wow aspiring but it's enough color to go without a lippie or a lip stain underneath.

The flavor ... hmmm that's in debate at the moment. It's creme brulee flavor, and at first I wasn't loving it, but it slowly grew on me. I think it's way tastier than a lipglass, that's for sure. The gloss has hyaluronic spheres meant to plump and fill lines and wrinkles. The gloss isn't terribly plumping to me but it does manage to give the illusion of fuller lips when layered on thickly. All the guys are vegan friendly too!

There are eight men to choose from so you'll never be left without choices! The Muse choose six of the eight men ... she wasn't feeling men like Julio who had a kid ... just couldn't dig the guy with a baby ... too much emotional baggage for me to handle at the moment! She went with Timothy, David, James, Eric, Jesse, and Kirk.